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He-Man Services provides complete landscaping, tree trimming, and irrigation for the island of Maui for the last 25 years.


Superior Irrigation Services

Quality Landscaping

Ensure your property looks beautiful throughout the year. Let us take care of your plants, trees, flowers, and more.

Get better control of your home's water flow. We can easily create the right irrigation system for you.

Experience lush outdoor spaces Get a dependable irrigation system Tree care you can trust

Excellent Tree Care

Our certified arborists and friendly staff will provide the finest tree care you can get.

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Welcome to He-Man Family of Services

At He-Man Family of Services, we have been providing Maui and the surrounding areas of the Island with complete landscaping service for over 20 years. Since we are a family business we provide the most caring and attentive service you will ever find with any landscaping company. In addition to a dedicated staff, we are also proud to use only the best possible equipment that allows us to provide you with guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Get the best from a company with 2 decades of service.


Our landscape services include:

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Trimming

  • Residential & Commercial Landscaping

  • Sprinkler System Installation

  • Irrigation Services

We have the most high tech and state of the art equipment to make sure our job remains professional and provides completely stunning results. As your landscape contractor, the complete care and attention to detail you will receive will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also increase your property value. He-Man Family of Services is a team of professional landscaping men and women dedicated to the pursuit of providing each client with an amazing property and outstanding view. When you witness our work, there won't be any denying that our staff provides the highest quality of landscaping care.


Your most beautiful and careful tree trimming service


Like sculpting a beautiful piece of art, we pay close attention to your trees. We do not cause any damage to any of your plant life, and instead we will bring out the best in your foliage and landscape as long as He-man Family of Services is here for you.


Thank You for visiting us at our website. Please feel free to explore and take advantage of our deals and services.

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